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Carrington, ND
The Central City

Carrington - The Caring Community of Carrington has been recognized as one of the most dynamic communities in North Dakota with a population under 2100. This community is progressive and positive and committed to growth and development. The community leaders have recognized the need to collaborate with public and private organizations and the entire community to develop and support a full-time community coordinator position to direct the city's efforts for economic and community development.

The City of Carrington sponsors two economic development organizations, the Job Development Authority and the Carrington Development Corporation. They are both dedicated to providing economic growth and sustainability to the community and the surrounding areas. The Job Development Authority is specifically designed to provide opportunities for new businesses and expansion of existing businesses. The Carrington Development Corporation supports these efforts wholeheartedly, but also helps with various community development issues and projects. These organizations work hand in hand with the city council and community leaders to secure investment opportunities for new growth and development by utilizing a city sales tax and a county-wide mill levy to leverage additional funds.

The outstanding leadership, community commitment, location and updated infrastructure are just a few of the reasons to look to Carrington for future growth of your business or company. The excellent social, recreational and educational opportunities are just a few of the reasons why you would really enjoy making Carrington your home. But, the best reason for moving to Carrington is the people! Their welcoming attitude and support once you are here is a quality that is unequaled anywhere.

Within the past ten years, the city of Carrington has supported several new businesses which include the Dakota Growers Pasta Company, Cannon Technologies, Central City Marketing and Processing, just to name a few. The North Dakota State University - Research Extension Center and the Garrison Diversion Headquarters are strategically located in the community of Carrington and afford a variety of opportunities through their organizations.

Carrington has several utility companies that have helped support the community through financial incentives and service support. These include OtterTail Power Company, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative, Montana Dakota Utilities and Dakota Central Telecommunications. The management of these companies understand the value of collaboration and we have been able to develop some very lucrative incentive packages for new businesses coming in and businesses that wish to expand.

The community of Carrington is dedicated to providing opportunities for people and businesses alike by collaborating, cooperating and committing time, resources and leadership to make Carrington a place where everyone is welcome and wants to live and work. We offer incentive packages, a safe and friendly community and a quality work force. We will convince you that Carrington is the place to bring your business and your family, just give us a chance.

Financial Incentives

Job Development Authority Board

The Job Development Authority Board consists of 9 members:

Randy Hooey-Chairman
Neil Fandrich
Vern Anderson
Scott Beumer
Dennis Swanson
Paul Roller
Bob Lipetzky - Vice Chairman
Kim Cook - Treasurer

Roger Gussiaas 

Contact Information

City Hall 103 10th Ave N PO Box 501 Carrington, ND 58421